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Maintaining Your Septic Tank Bacteria

Septic Tank Pumping in Clermont, FLBefore you start putting things down the drain in your home, you should consider what it will do to your septic tank. Certain chemicals and soaps can be harmful to your system, so it is vital you know what you can and cannot use before you damage your system.

One of the worst things you can put into your septic tank is toxic household chemicals. Having chemicals kill the bacteria in your tank is one of the most common reasons for septic tank failure. Bleach, chemical cleaners, and clog removal chemicals are the most prominent offenders. You should try to use biodegradable and natural cleaners when you are cleaning. Furthermore, you want to avoid using anti-bacterial soaps in your home. These soaps do not discriminate between good and bad bacteria, so it will slow the waste digestion process, causing more sludge to build up in your system.

Make sure that your septic system is working efficiently at all times with help from the team at Mid Florida Septic Services. At the first sign of problems, you can call us and we will help you. Our team can come out to your location for septic tank pumping in Clermont, FL, as well as assist you with repairs and drain field services.

Bacteria in Your Septic System

Winter Garden Septic ServicesMost homeowners do not even think about a septic tank unless something goes wrong. A septic tank is interesting, as bacteria that occurs naturally breaks down waste from your home and sends the clean wastewater back out into the environment. These bacteria are an essential part of your system and ensure that your plumbing system works correctly.

There are trillions of bacteria that naturally occur in every septic tank, but they can be easily broken down into two categories: aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacteria require oxygen to survive and are efficient at breaking down organic waste, as it is their food source. These bacteria are large and very sensitive to changes in the environment. The Anaerobic bacteria needs little to no oxygen to survive and is very resilient. It may not break down the waste as efficiently, but it spends time breaking down the waste to ensure that it has been properly transformed into gas and liquid.

You can rest assured that your septic system is working when you receive assistance from the crew at Mid Florida Septic Services. We offer Winter Garden septic services, as well as services in a variety of cities throughout Central Florida. Contact us today and learn more about our repair, pumping, and installation services.

Is Your Toilet Running Slowly?

Winter Garden Septic ServicesIs your toilet not working the way it usually does? If it is just not flushing the way it used to, it may be the sign of a problem with your septic system.

Toilets start to flush slowly for a variety of reasons, such as simple clogs or water flow problems. It is essential to make sure that these problems are not the reason why your system is not working correctly. If your septic pipes become clogged or the tank is having problems, your toilet will start to run slowly. At this time, you should be asking yourself, “When was the last time I had the septic system pumped?” When your tank is overflowing or you are having problems with the drain field, your toilet will start to run slowly. At this time, you should consider calling a specialist.

Mid Florida Septic Services is ready to help you take care of your septic system. We are known for providing efficient Winter Garden septic services, making sure that your system is working properly at all times. From simple pumping to drain field and tank replacement services, you can rest assured that our talented crew will be able to help you with your Central Florida system.

Extend the Life of Your Tank with Water Conservation

Septic Services in Leesburg, FLUsing too much water can cause damage to your septic tank. Through just a few simple water conversation techniques, you can extend the life of your tank for many years. Here are a few tips you should consider:

  • Take Short Showers – Everyone loves a warm, relaxing shower first thing in the morning. If you like taking long showers, you should reconsider! By taking quick five- to ten-minute shower, you can reduce your water consumption by about 10 to 25 gallons.
  • Invest in Low-Flow Fixtures – There are many efficient low-flow fixtures available that will stop you from consuming too much water. You can get new showerheads, toilets, and water faucets, as well as efficient washing machines and dishwashers.
  • Look for Leaks – A leaky toilet or water faucet may seem like a small problem, but they can add as much as ten extra gallons of water to your septic system every day. You should fix these leaks the moment you notice them, as well as attend to any leaky pipes you may find in your home.

Another great way to extend the life of your septic tank is to stay on top of maintenance. Mid Florida Septic Services, your source for septic services in Leesburg, FL, as well as the surrounding cities, is able to help you maintain and improve your septic tank.

Recycling Cooking Grease

Central Florida Grease Trap ServicesDid you know that your used cooking oil can be recycled? The county uses billions of gallons of cooking oil every year and scientists have discovered that the grease can be used for good. Grease from your grease trap can be used in a wide array of places, but is most often used as fuel.

Many of us have heard about the cars that smell like French fries when driven – these are cars that run on biodiesel fuel. The “Red Headed Stranger” himself, Mr. Willie Nelson, has operated a vehicle that he converted to biodiesel. Additionally, many trucks, public transportation vehicles, and farm equipment have been updated so that it can run on this renewable source of energy.

Having access to a renewable gas source is just one of the many benefits of recycling old grease. Biodiesel production is a growing industry and people are seeing the benefits. Local economies are now booming, as these production plants are creating jobs for many people.

Getting your grease trap cleaned starts with a call to the team at Mid Florida Septic Services. We provide Central Florida grease trap services for restaurant owners and other businesses throughout the area, including Windermere, Leesburg, Winter Garden, and Clermont.

Where Does Everything Go?

Septic Tank Pumping in Clermont, FLHave you ever wondered what happens to the waste that has been pumped from your septic tank? Depending on the company you work with, it may go to a vast array of places.

Many times, the waste that has been pumped from your tank is brought to a wastewater treatment plant. These are the same places where waste from the sewers typically goes. While there, the waste will be put into tanks that remove toxic chemicals through the use of micro-organisms. The treated water is then released back into the environment and the sludge is typically dried and converted to fertilizer. It all depends on local legal regulations.

On certain occasions, your waste is brought to a certified waste disposal field. These areas are at agricultural sites. Instead of going through the standard treatment process, the waste from your septic tank is used directly by the farmers. This process is a more environmentally-friendly way of disposing of your waste.

Are you seeking septic tank pumping in Clermont, FL? The team at Mid Florida Septic Services is here to help you. We offer septic services for homes and businesses throughout Central Florida, including grease trap and lift station assistance. Contact us today when you need your septic system pumped.