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The No-Flush List for Septic System Owners

Septic Tank Inspection in Central FloridaLetting certain items be flushed down the toilet or poured out in the sink may be fine when you are hooked up to the city sewer, but they can be a big problem for homeowners with a septic tank. The team at Mid Florida Septic Services wants to make sure you do not let the following items into your system:

Food Items – There are lots of food items you do not want in your septic system. These items include coffee grounds, grease from your cooking, and eggshells. This waste will not be broken down properly and can cause significant issues if they get stuck in the pipes or drain field.

Disposable Personal Care Items – Sanitary napkins, tampons, diapers, and wipes may say that they are disposable, but they are never safe for your septic system. In fact, these products are bad for all systems and are causing dramatic backups in city sewers all over the world. Put a discrete trashcan in your bathroom and make sure that people know they cannot flush these items.

Hazardous Chemicals – Whether you are doing some deep cleaning or are just trying to get rid of old fuel and oil you found in the garage, you never want to let any hazardous chemicals get into your system.

Make sure your septic system is in working order at all times when you hire the talented specialists at our business. We are available when you need a septic tank inspection in Central Florida, as well as pumping and repair services.

Signs of System Failure

Septic Services in Leesburg, FLIs your septic system having problems? Here are a few common signs of a system failure:

  • Drain Field Issues – When you start to notice standing water or a black liquid that smells awful around the drain field area, you are most likely having a septic system problem. It is essential to know where your drain field is located to ensure that everything is working correctly.
  • Plumbing Problems – There are a variety of plumbing issues that could be the sign of septic system failure. These issues include gurgling sounds, slow draining sinks and toilets, rising water, and sewage backups. As soon as you notice the problems, you should contact a professional like us.
  • Bad Odors – When you start to notice a strong sewage smell coming from inside or outside of your septic tank, it is possible that there is a failure. This smell comes from the gasses released as your bacteria breaks down the waste in your system.

From new tank installations to drain field care, the team at Mid Florida Septic Services is prepared to assist you. We offer septic services in Leesburg, FL, as well as Ocoee, Mount Dora, Winter Garden, and Apopka. Let us know when you are having a problem and we will come to your location to help.