Bacteria in Your Septic System

Winter Garden Septic ServicesMost homeowners do not even think about a septic tank unless something goes wrong. A septic tank is interesting, as bacteria that occurs naturally breaks down waste from your home and sends the clean wastewater back out into the environment. These bacteria are an essential part of your system and ensure that your plumbing system works correctly.

There are trillions of bacteria that naturally occur in every septic tank, but they can be easily broken down into two categories: aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacteria require oxygen to survive and are efficient at breaking down organic waste, as it is their food source. These bacteria are large and very sensitive to changes in the environment. The Anaerobic bacteria needs little to no oxygen to survive and is very resilient. It may not break down the waste as efficiently, but it spends time breaking down the waste to ensure that it has been properly transformed into gas and liquid.

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