Finding Your Septic Tank – Winter Garden Septic Services

Locating your septic tank is not as easy as it sounds. If your septic tank has been in place for years or you have recently moved into your home, you may not know precisely where it is located. Mid Florida Septic Services, the business you call when you need Winter Garden septic services, has put together a few tips to help you find your septic tank.

  • Check the Records – Do you have a home inspection report handy from when you purchased your home? If your answer is yes, a diagram of your septic system may be included with this paperwork. If this information is not featured with this inspection or you no longer have it, you may want to check with the county records. Many local counties have permit records for septic tank installations on hand.
  • Inspect Your Ground – When you walk in your backyard, do you notice any parts of the ground that have high or low spots? This location may be where your septic tank is located. Many septic tanks are installed anywhere from 10- to 25-feet away from the home, so keep this in mind when you are searching. If your tank was installed recently, then the grass on the ground may not be as thick in this spot. This lack of grass may also be a sign that your septic tank is located here.
  • Hire Professionals – The team at our business is available to help you find your system. When you hire us for Winter Garden septic services, we will have access to high-tech tools that we can use to accurately locate the tank, as well as the drain field. With this information, we will be able to go into your tank and do repairs, pump your system, or do an inspection to make sure that everything is working correctly.

Count on our team when you need Winter Garden septic services. Our business provides efficient services throughout Central Florida, assisting septic system owners in Apopka, Eustis, Minneola, and Leesburg, as well as Clermont and Windermere. Call us at (352) 536-1555 or send an email at for more information on the services we provide.