How Does a Grease Trap Work?

Central Florida Grease Trap Cleaning Anyone who runs a restaurant knows the importance of having a grease trap, but do you know how they work? The team at Mid Florida Septic Inc. believes all grease trap owners should know exactly how these systems work and benefit you.

When you run a commercial kitchen, you often have to deal with grease – particularly grease that includes animal fats. This grease tends to solidify at average temperatures, which will clog your pipes and create many problems. Because grease is less dense than water, a trap will capture all of the grease and oil floating on top of the water and capture it, sending the rest of the water into the sewer line or septic tank. As you use the trap, it grease builds up and will eventually need to be pumped by a professional. That is where our business comes in! We provide regular inspection and maintenance services.

When you need Central Florida grease trap cleaning and the surrounding communities, you can trust the team at Mid Florida Septic Inc. to help you. Our business provides regular pumping and cleaning services to keep your system working correctly. We offer 24/7 services, so call us at (352) 536-1555 for more information.