Recycling Cooking Grease

Central Florida Grease Trap ServicesDid you know that your used cooking oil can be recycled? The county uses billions of gallons of cooking oil every year and scientists have discovered that the grease can be used for good. Grease from your grease trap can be used in a wide array of places, but is most often used as fuel.

Many of us have heard about the cars that smell like French fries when driven – these are cars that run on biodiesel fuel. The “Red Headed Stranger” himself, Mr. Willie Nelson, has operated a vehicle that he converted to biodiesel. Additionally, many trucks, public transportation vehicles, and farm equipment have been updated so that it can run on this renewable source of energy.

Having access to a renewable gas source is just one of the many benefits of recycling old grease. Biodiesel production is a growing industry and people are seeing the benefits. Local economies are now booming, as these production plants are creating jobs for many people.

Getting your grease trap cleaned starts with a call to the team at Mid Florida Septic Services. We provide Central Florida grease trap services for restaurant owners and other businesses throughout the area, including Windermere, Leesburg, Winter Garden, and Clermont.