Understanding the Drain Field

winter garden septic servicesA septic system can work well for many years when you treat it right. Staying up with tank maintenance is very important, but you also make sure you are attentive to your drain field. Without it, your system will not work at all.

When waste and water enters your tank, it has to leave eventually. Most septic tanks tend to drain out any excess water to the drain field by either gravity or a pump. This wastewater slowly flows out of the drains, entering the ground and flows downwards to a groundwater aquifer. These systems work well for homeowners, but anyone living in a house should be mindful of how much water they allow to go down the drain each day.

For example, doing too many loads of laundry can cause damage to your drain field.  If you do not space out your laundry, you will begin to wash too much lint through your system. This is not a problem if you only do one or two loads a day, but multiple loads will push the fiber into your drain field and cause clogs.

For help with your drain field or other Winter Garden septic services, you can contact the team at Mid Florida Septic Inc. Our business is always open and ready to help you keep your septic system in working order.