Where Does Everything Go?

Septic Tank Pumping in Clermont, FLHave you ever wondered what happens to the waste that has been pumped from your septic tank? Depending on the company you work with, it may go to a vast array of places.

Many times, the waste that has been pumped from your tank is brought to a wastewater treatment plant. These are the same places where waste from the sewers typically goes. While there, the waste will be put into tanks that remove toxic chemicals through the use of micro-organisms. The treated water is then released back into the environment and the sludge is typically dried and converted to fertilizer. It all depends on local legal regulations.

On certain occasions, your waste is brought to a certified waste disposal field. These areas are at agricultural sites. Instead of going through the standard treatment process, the waste from your septic tank is used directly by the farmers. This process is a more environmentally-friendly way of disposing of your waste.

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