You Should Consider What You Put in Your Drain

septic services leesburg flDo you consider what you put down your drain? Here is some useful info for people who own homes with septic tanks:

  • Limit Cleaner Use – As you know, many household cleaners are used to kill bacteria. When you use too many cleaners in your system, you could be causing problems that may prevent your septic tank from working properly. Consider switching over to natural cleaners and try to never put household cleaners directly down the drain.
  • Stop Using Drain Cleaners – A clog in your drains can stop your system from working, but it is vital that you do not use any drain cleaners. Not only do they affect the bacteria in your septic tank, but they can also destroy the pipes in your home. You should turn to a professional plumber when you have a drain problem.
  • Never Use Additives – Septic tank additives may be marketed to improve your septic system, but the reality of these products is that they are not regulated and could destroy your tank. As long as you keep up with the pumping process, you should never have to use additives.

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